Facilities Maintenance Specialist

Madeline Island Museum
Job Description

Position Summary

The Madeline Island Museum is situated in La Pointe, Wisconsin on picturesque Madeline Island one half block up from the ferry dock. Here, guests explore the history of the largest of the Apostle Islands. People called Madeline Island home for millennia before early European explorers and settlers arrived in the mid 1600's. Celebrating and connecting all these various cultures is our mission. The museum consists of the Capser Center with an auditorium and rotating exhibits that was built to support the original museum which features four historic buildings from the island. Staff work with colleagues primarily indoors to connect guests with the storied past of Madeline Island and one of the richest collections of Wisconsin history.

Under the general supervision of the Site Director, this position is responsible for a wide variety of facilities work including maintenance, repair work, groundskeeping, custodial services, and systems maintenance. This position may work on building projects that are mechanical or structural in nature. Monitors the condition and requirements of the site physical plan, equipment, environmental systems, and grounds, recommends prioritized work plans to the Site Director and is responsible for scheduling and carrying out approved work plans. Overall flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to a wide range of issues and conditions are essential qualities for successful performance on the job. Because the site functions as a heritage tourism attraction, engaged in historical interpretation, the incumbent must be able to deal comfortably and effectively with the visiting public. Schedule will include some weekends and holidays. Because of the unique nature of the Madeline Island site, the incumbent has a variety of responsibilities and is expected to work independently at times, under the general supervision of the Site Director.

This position primarily works at the Madeline Island Museum in La Pointe, Wisconsin.


  • Troubleshoot minor plumbing issues. Install new faucets, flush valves, and drain assemblies as necessary.  Clear blockages in drains, including the use of augers, plumbing snakes, and acid treatments.  Work with plumber for larger issues.
  • Inspect and maintain building lighting systems. This includes, but is not limited to troubleshooting, repairing wiring, and installing light fixtures.Work with electrician for larger issues.
  • Monitor environmental conditions, set up and monitor dehumidification as needed, maintain HVAC system at acceptable levels of heat/cooling and humidity Perform minor repair to mechanical systems (i.e., air handling systems, chillers, air compressors and pumps). Work with HVAC contractors on regular preventative maintenance and repair.
  • Inspect, test and maintain fire prevention equipment (e.g., fire hoses, standpipes, etc.)
  • Repair floor coverings such as vinyl and ceramic tile, concrete, and carpeted areas.
  • Perform minor preventative maintenance on mechanical equipment such as motor generators, air compressors, steam pumps and vacuum pumps. Schedule contractors for repair.
  • Make modifications to gallery spaces, office, storage, and utility areas as requested. This may include painting, assembling or moving furniture, and making minor repairs.
  • Perform regular cleaning duties including sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, removing trash, washing windows, and sanitizing rest room facilities.  
  • Collect trash and maintain the physical appearance of the outside of the building and adjacent grounds. Haul trash to the dump station.
  • Manage snow removal operations as necessary.  Remove ice and snow from sidewalks and terraces around the building, including vehicle-parking area.
  • Apply sand or salt as needed to ensure safe walking surfaces are maintained during freezing conditions.  
  • Assist with lawn mowing, leaf collection and disposal, and with the trimming of trees and shrubs.
  • Use brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers to keep walkways clear of leaves and debris as necessary.
  • Set up and provide facilities support to MIM events and public forums.
  • Provide support and expertise to WHS/MIM construction projects.
  • Following State of Wisconsin procurement procedures, inventory, order and replenish supplies for museum, including but not limited to janitorial supplies, restroom supplies, items required for maintenance and custodial work, water softener salt, and day to day supplies used in the museum.

Salary Information

Pay range is $17.00 - $19.50 per hour. This classification is in schedule and class 03-12

Please note this is a Limited Term Employment position so it does not include paid time off or benefits upon hire.

Job Details

This is a year-round position that will work more hours during the summer season than during the off-season. Some weekend and evening hours will be necessary during the summer season.

A criminal background check will be conducted by WHS prior to an offer of employment to determine if the circumstances of any conviction may be related to the job.

This is a Limited Term Employment (LTE) position and limited to 1,039 hours. This position will be part time and average 20 hours per week.

Wisconsin residency is required for Limited Term Employment positions.

Limited Term Employment (LTE) positions are not civil service classified positions, do not give any rights to permanent civil service classified positions and do not lead to permanent status.

WHS does not sponsor work visas. Any appointment made will be contingent on the applicant being able to prove valid status to work in the United States.

All state employees are required to report their COVID vaccination status, whether vaccinated or not, and must provide supporting documentation if vaccinated. Newly hired employees will be required to submit this information within their first two weeks of employment.


  • Basic knowledge of accepted procedures and techniques in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting trades.
  • Ability to perform basic procedures and techniques in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting trades.
  • Knowledge of grounds keeping practices and procedures.
  • Ability to perform grounds keeping duties.
  • Knowledge of security systems and procedures.
  • Knowledge and basic understanding of electrical and mechanical systems.  
  • Ability to support small construction projects.
  • Knowledge of preservation procedures and techniques relating to historic structures, grounds, and artifacts.
  • Ability to perform custodial work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Planning and organizational skills.
  • Ability to communicate with other staff and the general public.
  • Knowledge of the principles, materials, tools and equipment used in performing a wide range of maintenance operations, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and custodial systems.  
  • Ability to employ safe handling practices for chemicals used for treating, hot water heating systems, plumbing systems, and chilled water-cooling systems.
  • Knowledge of the proper use of common hand tools used in building maintenance and repair activities.

How To Apply

Apply online! To apply, click here to go directly to the job listing; or visit https://wisc.jobs and search by keyword for 8757. Click “Apply for Job” to start the application process. Then, you will access your existing account or to create a new account if you don’t have an account. Once you are logged in, click “Apply for Job.” Follow the steps outlined in the application process and submit your application.
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